Adding Your First Phone Number

Adding and verifying a phone number is the first step in getting started.

Verified phone numbers are used as the caller id when placing calls to both Teams and Leads. Team members (agents) and Leads will see this number as the caller id on their phone.

You must verify at least one phone number before you will be able to initiate calls.

When initiating a call to a Lead or Team, Call Assist will use one of your verified phone number as a caller id. You can specific which verified phone number to use from the team settings or within an integration.

  1. Enter a valid phone number and click Submit. This number will be associated with the account owners, agent record.

  2. Click Verify.
  1. Click Call Me Now and Call Assist will call your phone.
  1. Answer your Phone.

  2. When prompted, enter the number displayed on screen into the phone.
  1. Your phone number will be verified.