Recording a Sales Message

This feature is only available to Call Assist Max accounts.

A recorded message is required when making Lead Calls.

Recorded sales messages are played over the phone when a lead answers a call placed from Call Assist.

Example: You’ve tried calling a lead several times and don’t have more time to invest. You want Call Assist to followup for you automatically. Call Assist calls your lead and the lead answers. Your recorded sales message is played to the lead and the interested lead dials 1 to be connected with your sales Team.

Your recorded sales message is a great way to re-engage leads and make an irresistible offer. Call Assist can automatically generate more inbound sales calls helping your sales team close more deals.

  1. Click Add Recording.
  2. Set the recording Name, Type and Description.
  3. Record your sales message or upload an audio recording (.mp3).