Phone Numbers

Manage all of your phone numbers and purchase new phone numbers here.

Any phone number that you associate to an Agent will appear under “Your Numbers”. Before a phone number can be used as a caller id, it must be verified.

Adding and Verifying Numbers #

  1. From Settings -> Phone Numbers, click Add Phone.
    Phone numbers will also be added here when you add new agents.

  2. Provide a Name and enter a phone number.

  3. Click Add Phone. A phone number will be added.
  1. Beside the newly added phone number click Verify.

  2. When ready, click Call Me Now.
  1. Answer your Phone.

  2. When prompted, enter the number displayed on screen into the phone.
  1. Your phone number will be verified and is ready to use as a caller id.

Purchasing Numbers #

Purchasing a phone numbers provide a way to route callers to your sales team. You can place this number on your website or other places and when leads call they will be directed to a Team or Agent(s). A purchased phone number can be configured in much the same way as a Team.

When someone calls the phone number your Team will be targeted according to the purchased phone numbers settings.

You must have a paid Call Assist account before you can purchase a phone number. Purchasing a number has a monthly cost of $3.

  1. Click Purchase Phone.
  1. Search for a phone number. A list of available phone numbers will be displayed.

  2. Click Buy beside the number you wish to purchase.

  3. Give the phone number a Name.

  4. Click Purchase Phone. A new phone number will be added to Call Assist.

Configuring Purchased Numbers #

  1. Click the Edit (pencil) button for the phone number you want to edit..
  1. Edit phone number settings as desired
  • Read Whisper: Chose if whisper text should be read to the Agent before connecting them to the incoming call.
  • Whisper Text: Whisper text to read before connecting an agent with a lead. May include references to lead records. {first} {last} {company} {category} {comments}
  • Whisper Text Language: Language of whisper text
  • Call Routing:
    • Round Robin: Agents will be called one after another.
    • Simultaneous: All Agents will be called at the same time.

      The first agent to answer and provide an appropriate response will take control of the call.
  • Routing Type: Should the call be directed to a Team or to specific Agents.
  • Agents / Teams: The Agent(s) or Team the call should be directed.
  • Lead Owner: Assigns an Agent as the Lead owner to the new lead record created with the call.
  • Lead Owner Routing: Whether the call should be routed to the lead owner before other Agents.
  • Tags: Assign tags to the lead record when new calls come in.