Making a Lead Call

Components of a Lead Call #

  1. Call Assist dials a Lead.
  2. The Lead Answers the call.
  3. Recorded Message is played to the Lead.
  4. Call control instructions are played.
  5. Lead Dials 1 to connect to Team, 3 to Opt out of further calls.
  6. Call Assist dials Teams.
  7. Agent answers call.
  8. Whispertext is read to the Agent.
  9. Call control instructions are played.
  10. Agent Dials 1 to connect with lead or 3 to escalate to the next Agent.

Triggering from the Web UI #

Two ways to trigger a Call from the Web UI.

  1. Calls
  1. Leads

How to Make a Lead Call from the Web UI #

  1. Who should we call first?
    Existing or New Lead
  2. Which Lead should we call?
    Select Lead to call
  3. What Team should we call after the Lead answers and Dials 1?
    Select Team to connect the lead with if they dial 1.
  4. Optional – Filter the Team Members.
    Remove Team members from the call.
  5. Optional – When should the call Start.
    Schedule the call for a future date.
  6. Optional – Change Call Settings
    Override the default team settings for the call.
  7. Make Call

How to Make a Lead Call from a Webhook Integration #

  "phone": "15555555555", 
  "type": "lead",
  "source": "webhook", 
  "fname": "John",
  "lname": "Smith", 
  "company": "Zoomer Media", 
  "email": "", 
  "category": "Aging leads"