Adding Agents and Users

Agents are members of your sales team.

Call Assist will call your Agents when:

  • A new lead comes into your system.
  • A lead dials 1 after listening to your recorded sales message.

Add an Agent for each person within your organization that you would like Call Assist to call.

  • Agents can be targeted directly or as part of a Team.
  • Agents must have a valid phone number.
  • Agent can set their own schedule.
  • Allow Agents to log into My Call Assist by also creating an account.

Creating an Agent:

  1. Click Add Agent.
  2. Set Agent First Name, Last Name and Phone Number.
  3. Optionally, create an Agent Login.
    Creating a Login will allow the agent to log into Call Assist.

Creating an Agent Login:

  1. Check Create Login.
  2. Provide a valid Email address.
  3. Set Agent Role (Agent or Admin).


  • Agent: Allows limited access to Profile, Dashboard, Calls, Leads, Agents, Teams.
  • Admin: Allows full access to all sections.