Adding Teams

Teams contain Agents and Settings that control

Teams consist of 1 or more Agents and control the behaviour of new calls.

Create multiple teams for different lead sources, integrations and use cases. Don’t fuss with all the options. The default values are usually the best way to get started.

Common Settings #

Settings for all calls (Lead and Team).

  • Name: The name to help you reference the team.
  • Agents: The Agents that Call Assist should call. Agents can be ordered by clicking and dragging the agents name after adding to the team. Call Assist will call agents in the order configured in team settings. Add new / additional agents from Agents section.
  • Call Routing:
    • Round Robin: Agents will be called one after another.
    • Simultaneous: All Agents will be called at the same time.

      The first agent to answer and provide an appropriate response will take control of the call.
  • Call Recording: Whether you want to record the call.
  • Lead-facing Caller ID: A validated Agent phone number that will be shown as the Caller ID to Teams and Leads. Selecting Agent’s Phone Number will use the caller id for whatever agent is being connected to the lead. If the Agent does not have a validated phone number, another validated phone number will be used instead.
  • Callback URL: A webhook URL where Call Assist should post the call result / status after it completes.

Team Settings #

Settings for calls targeting a Team.

  • Whisper Text: Spoken to Agents before connecting them to a lead. This can be customized how you see fit. The will play for Team calls, when an Agent answers, and for Lead calls, after a Lead dials 1 and an Agent answers. You can use values from the lead record: {first} {last} {company} {category} {comments}
  • Whisper Text Language: The language used in whisper text field. This ensures Call Assist properly converts text to speech in the correct language.
    English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese
  • Call Delay: How long Call Assist should wait after a lead comes in before calling your Team. This value is in minutes.
  • Reschedule Call If Team Offline: Whether the call should be reschedule if the Team is unavailable. Call will be rescheduled to the next time the team is available.
  • Restrict Calling Scheduled: This allows you to configure when the team is available. Both Agents and Teams have their own on-call scheduled. If you do not restrict Calling scheduled the team will be on call 24×7. Team schedules are applied before an agents Schedule. A teams agents will only be notified if the team is on call. Team scheduled can be configured from the Team listing, not directly from the Team settings modal.

Lead Settings #

Settings for calls targeting a Lead.

  • Recorded Message: The recorded sales message to play when a lead answers the phone on a Lead call.
  • Voicemail Message: The recorded voicemail message to play when a lead fails to answer the phone. If you do not want to leave a voicemail, do not provide a value here.
  • Include Opt Out Message: Whether you want to play the opt out message on a lead call. The opt out message will be played after your recorded message and provides the lead with a method to opt out of further calls.

    “If you no longer want to receive voice notifications press 3 to opt out”